What is The Dharma Den?

A Healing Space

The Buddhist's Refer to the Dharma as the truth. When we engage in practices such as Meditation we are looking inside ourselves for the answers, or coming to know  "our truth". 

The search for our individual truth is an ever evolving journey, and I have created a sacred space to help facilitate that growth through different modalities, including energy healing , Intuitive guidance and meditation. 

I think of The Dharma Den as  an intentional space that I hold for anyone who decides they would like to work with me and can exist anywhere. I currently have two physical locations I  practice in. It is in these spaces where we begin to peel back the layers so you can begin to find and explore your own truth. As a  Reiki Master, Registered  Nurse and life long intuitive, I felt the creation of this space to give these offerings was essential. 

Using a blend of traditional Reiki technique as taught by Master Usui, along with high vibrational sound,  I offer energy healing and clearing along side intuitive and mediumship readings. 

As a life long Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Intuitive channel  I also offer the opportunity to connect with those who have crossed over. 

As a medium I act as a translator for those in spirit to bring through validation of our loved ones continued existence beyond the physical realms, and pass on their messages of healing and hope from the other side which can greatly allow for healing on a soul level. 

Our loved ones are very much around us even after they have crossed over from their physical bodies into the ethereal realms. Just as we can't see micro waves and radio waves, but yet they still exist, they vibrate on a different frequency.  Both mediumship and intuitive readings can be performed simultaneously or alone and can be great tool for self reflection and healing. 

If you are interested in these particular offerings please contact me directly.

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Connections and Collaborations

New Client Soul Session Special

New Client Soul Session Special

New Client Soul Session Special


For a limited time new clients recieve a 90 minute Intuitive energetic alignment session for $120- a $140 value. Session will include intuitively guided reiki with sound medicine, aromatherapy and channeled guidance session to help you release and unlock limiting beliefs and bring you back into energetic alignment. 

Client Testamonials

New Client Soul Session Special

New Client Soul Session Special


Samantha is a phenomenal intuitive soul.  She was able to channel family members that have passed with impressive ease and heartfelt communication.  The details she gave were accurate, which surprised me the most.  Nobody outside my family could know the things she knew. 

I haven't stopped thinking about our meeting since it happened. I'm still so astonished by the experience.  I've recommended her to several people and will continue to do so for many years.  She has the ability to provide light where it has been dimmed.  Samantha is the real deal! 


“I had a great experience with

Samantha. She was kind 

Enough to meet with me for a 

Channeling session. During my visit 

It was clear she has a gift.

She is insightful, empathetic

In addition to her empathic 

Nature. In my time with her, I was given 

Clear insight to several loved 

Ones who have passed on. 

I am grateful for the experience.”

- G.C. 

“I have been feeling

Much peace after our reading.

And after sharing the information

With my family and friends 

Even more was validated.

The messages you brought 

Through brought a lot of needed light 

And love to his family. Thank you so

Much for the opportunity! 

You are a truly gifted medium. 

I have had a lot of readings,

But yours brought me validation

In a way I haven’t had in a very

Long time. Thank you! ”

- M.M


Sound Healing Instruments

Sound Healing Instruments


Listen to 108 Mindfully made the podcast. Get to know me. This is a safe space where I discuss tips and tricks for living a more mindful and present life, highlight incrediby inspiring and talented guests and share Guided meditations, music and more ! 

Sound Healing Instruments

Sound Healing Instruments

Sound Healing Instruments


I am a proud ambassador for Local San Diego Buisness Play Beautiful Sounds, supporting artisans  locally and globally. You can enjoy the benefits of high vibrational sound in your own practice by obtaining incredible high quality high frequency instruments for yourself ! Click below to learn more about their story and their mission and explore  their local showroom! 


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