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Finding your Truth


Meditation is the practice of looking inside oneself to realize their truth. Truth is referred to as "Dharma " in the Buddhist tradition. Finding this truth is an ongoing journey that is always evolving. 

To help facilitate this growth I also offer private healing sessions in my space I call "The Dharma Den". As a Reiki Master and life long Intuitive channel, I have added these sessions  to my offerings. It is my mission to help you uncover your own personal truth, be it through meditation, energy work,  intuitive guidance, or through creating your personal Meditation Mala and Intentional Jewelry.

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Made with Love and Intention


At 108 Mindfully made my personal mission is to create jewlery that will enhance the realization of the self by the wearer. Meditation Malas are a tool used to remind the wearer of their own personal intentions and help facilitate spiritual, conscious growth and expansion. 

All of 108 Mindfully made pieces are ethically handmade with love and intention  here in San Diego. All pieces are one of kind and guaranteed.  Each piece is designed and crafted with intention in  creative mindfullness using a variety of materials from sacred seed beads and semi preciouse stone beads,  crystals and raw stones. With me you can customize your personal mala to create the vision your soul has  been  seeking. 

Every Session, Every Piece Light Infused


Every piece I create, be it custom or pre designed is one of kind and is reiki charged by me personally, ready for activation of the wearer. Making  jewlery used for something so personal such as meditation is something I do not take lightly and am honored and grateful for the opportunity to do so. I treat the creation of every piece with utmost love and attention. 

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Where to Find Me



108 Mindfully Made The Podacst is a safe space where I discuss different topics and offer tips for living a more mindful present and purposeful life. Join me as  I host guests who are insightful and inspiring, discuss excersizes, tools and share guided meditations that I have found to be useful in my own practice, as well as discuss life, light work  and everything in between!  Listen on all platforms Podcasting is availble. Be sure to rate and subscribe to get notified of new episodes! 

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The Dharma Den


  • The Dharma Den is a Sacred Healing Space I created to help you  peel back the layers and experience your truth. Sessions can include Guided meditation, high vibrational sound and traditional Reiki energy healing, clearing and Intuitive Insight Reading.


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I am available for Private Mala Workshops. If you would like to book a private workshop for a small group please contact me directly. See Menu for details.

Reiki Room San Diego


Most of my pieces are available online, however I do have a some pieces at local holistic shops. I currently have pieces in the holistic healing space at Reiki Room San Diego. This wonderful healing space is by appointment only for treatments and readings. For appointments please contact them directly. 



Follow my journey and get the latest details about upcoming events and new pieces first! 

Creative Offerings

Guided Meditation

Loving Kindness or Metta Meditation 

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For inquires about Booking please contact me Directly at 619.218.1116 text or call. 

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