Ignite Your Light

Are you looking for a deeper connection to your intuitive heart? Have a desire to help heal yourself and others? Or perhaps you are looking to gain deeper insight and connection to your Spiritual Practice. No Matter what your goals are Reiki Attunement is for everyone, from those at the beginning of their journey of self discovery and healing to secular and nonsecular advanced practitioners. The energy of Reiki meets you exactly where you are at. 

Reiki Training level I & II

Intuitive Reiki Training Includes:

  • 1:1 6 hour Intuitive Reiki Training in both Level I (self Reiki)and Level II (practitioner level)

  • Learn the Reiki Tenants and Principles 

  • History and Theory of USUI Reiki Lineage

  • Learn about the Ethics of Reiki and Intuitive Work

  • Learn how to utilize Reiki to deepen or begin a lasting Spiritual practice

  • Learn how to utilize Reiki to connect you with your intuition and enhance your spiritual gifts

  • Learn how to clear and ground the energy of not only the physical and etheric body of your self and others, but also spaces, and  places using Reiki

  • Knowledge of the Sacred Reiki symbols and how and when to use them 

  • Learn the traditional hand position as well as Intuitive techniques for Self Reiki, and practicing Reiki on others

  • Learn how to effectively utilize Reiki on Objects, plants, animals

  • Learn How to Effectively carry out a Reiki treatment in person and  from a distance

  • Certificate and Attunement to Reiki Energy from USUI lineage to practice on others 

  • Email and Text Access after Training if necessary

This Training is for you if:

  • You learn best in a 1:1 hands on environment

  • You are ready to cultivate a space for your own self healing

  • You have received energy healing before and want to deepen your personal spiritual practice 

  • You wish to deepen your connection to your Intuition and connection to all beings

  • You are excited to learn and know more about the chakra system

  • If you are interested in blending science and spirit

  • You want to help others with their own healing

  • You are ready and have desire to invest in your personal development


  • This Intuitive Reiki training TOTAL investment is $555 (50% due  at time of booking to hold your date, and remaining balance paid on day of training )