Hello, I am Samantha,

A Mindful Medium

I am an intuitive bridge between worlds. I have been seeing spirit since childhood, and for many years struggled to understand and accept my mediumistic abilities . I had difficulty understanding my connection and how to harness these abilities to navigate the world around me. This led me to seek out several tools for dealing with the overwhelming and sometimes frightening experiences I had throughout my life. Starting with meditation, I began to learning from a traditional Buddhist teacher which eventually cultivated the space for my mediumistic expression to develop naturally, leading me to work with and develop my abilities with several mentors in the world of Spiritualism and mediumship. Currently I now support others via 1:1 sessions and Small Group Message Circles, bringing through validation of ones infinite potential and unseen support from the other side, while balancing the physical mental and ethereal bodies via intuitive insight, reiki, and mediumship. Bridging the material and the spiritual, I have a passion for helping others learn, access and harness their own intuitive abilities, as well as connecting others with their divine support system on the other side including spirit guides and loved ones, and helping others to release any energetic blockages that may be holding them back from connecting with their truest potential and spiritual self. 

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and have the gifts of connection to our highest self, and the other side within each of us. My passion is to help awaken that knowing and remembering of our souls truest potential, and facilitate that connection back to the intuitive heart.