Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evidential Mediumship ?

I practice evidential mediumship. This means that when I connect and channel loved ones who have crossed over I do my best to bring through validation of facts and information I would have no way of knowing unless I was communicating with your loved one.  This can come in the form of memories, names, dates, times of year, and other facts that help you identify and know your loved one is communicating. As I connect to spirit they will often give me information to help you know that without a shadow of doubt they are with you.  Often times the validation is related to you and what has happened since their passing, to validate that they are around you and not missing out on anything. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion.

You may have heard of other words that sound similar such as Chi, or Qi, or Prana. All these signify a vital life force energy that flows through all living beings. In humans, this energy flows through fine subtle channels or meridians and also spreads outside the physical body emanating an energy field that fluctuates in size based on the vibrational rate of the meridians. Some refer to this energy field as the Aura. This is the “Ki” in ReiKI. It operates at high and fast frequencies that cannot be seen with the human eye, but can be detected by electromagnetic equipment, and often through feeling with hands , or intuitively. We can identify and remove blockages in this flow,  and this has been the central intention in acupuncture. 

Rei Ki as a spiritual energy operates at an even higher vibration than the “Ki” that is present in the physical body and the aura, so it can move through all parts of the human energy field to break through energetic blockages and promote healing. The source of this high spiritual energy can be described in many ways, some call it source, all that is, universal life force- or you can think of it as your soul,  spirit or higher self that you can access to help you. 

As a natural form of healing it can support or enhance other forms of treatment , including conventional medicine treatments as well as complementary therapies. It promotes deep relaxation and often meditative states that allow for rest and rejuvenation, reflection and healing. However it should not be regarded as a cure for any conditions. 

This energy is often channeled through the hands of an Attuned Practitioner, but it can also be done from a distance using the power of intention. Energy is not limited by time and space and can be transmitted from an attuned practitioner to another person through intention. Where Intention goes energy flows.

What is Intuitive Alchemy?

I have been searching for a way to describe what my channeling sessions are like. Alchemy is a process of changing, transforming,  shifting . Often times when people come to me they are facing challenges and or transitions in their life, or are just begining  to awaken to their intuitive and spiritual self. All of  these things can be difficult to navigate on ones own, through the act of channeling with higher energies including sprit guides and loved ones,  I allow the space to process, gain clarity and perspective and reflect on where you are at in your own journey, and see how it can be shifted, and transformed .Together we see  how one can move through these periods with grace and really make the most of the expierence you are having whatever that may be. When I connect with your energy and the energy around you in these sessions to bring forward information to help facilitate or reinforce this process of unfolding within,and  helping to connect with your own Intuition. Because of the nature of these sessions I have called what I do Intuitive Alchemization. 

Can you do sessions from a distance ?

Absolutely, because Reiki and spirit energy  is not limited by time and space all sessions I offer can be done remotely. Some of my most powerful and profound sessions in Reiki and mediumship have been done from across the country. We can utilize video chat to connect remotely anywhere in the world. 

Can you Guarantee a connection with my loved ones?

As a medium I act as a conduit for spirit energy to work through me. I can set intentions,  But I have no control over what Spirits decide to come through, except that it will be for the highest and best good of my sitter and client. Generally the spirits with the greatest need to communicate come forward, but I never can gaurantee a connection with one particular spirit. Upon Booking a session with me you will receive an informative email with an audio recording  that will describe my process, and spirit communication in more depth for you to review and listen to prior to our time together. If any questions arise after reviewing the audio please reach out  prior to our session so I may clarify. If we have a session and no connection is made any investment you have made will be returned and we can either reschedule or I can send you to a trusted colleague.