Client Testimonials


“Omg Samantha is one of the very best evidential mediums around. To say she is gifted is an understatement. The details she knows, the names she hears facts she  mentions.... These are things she could not possibly know. Departed loved ones are giving her all of this information to relay to us to help us with the healing process and proving that our loved ones live on in the afterlife. The reading with Samantha blew my mind. I had one thing in particular weighing on my mind for the last 10 years pertaining to my dad's death. That one thing has haunted me for 10 years.Without me saying a word, Samantha told me that my dad wanted to answer my burning question.  I mean my God how could Samantha have known that?! Plus the names she knew. She sent me into shock throughout the reading and for many days after. In fact it's been two weeks since our reading and I still think about it everyday and how grateful I am to her. She is a total sweetheart in addition to being one of the very best mediums around. Do yourself a favor and book a session with her. It will be the best gift you can give yourself.”



Samantha is a phenomenal intuitive soul.  She was able to channel family members that have passed with impressive ease and heartfelt communication.  The details she gave were accurate, which surprised me the most.  Nobody outside my family could know the things she knew. 

I haven't stopped thinking about our meeting since it happened. I'm still so astonished by the experience.  I've recommended her to several people and will continue to do so for many years.  She has the ability to provide light where it has been dimmed.  Samantha is the real deal! 



So I attended a session with Samantha a few weeks ago and it was one of the most impactful experiences in my life. I’d never participated in a reading and I didn’t know muc of what I was getting myself into at all. I was questionable about it but I couldn’t seem to kill my curiosity so I knew it was something I had to do. She spoke very specifically about a grandmother I have in spirit. This woman was my best friend,  Samantha shared personal information and validation that was able to bring my mother closure and peace after many years I was unaware she needed, and  that confirmation put her at peace. We went into tarot  reading where 

There were several more personal things that were discussed that made me emotional and I began to not regret participating in this at all. It was a soul-striking experience and I feel like even at the very least it allowed me to reflect on myself which is something that I forget to pause and do. Sometimes you have to pass and deep dive into more than the physical and this experience with Sam was the perfect thing for that. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend! 

-A. W


“I have been feeling

Much peace after our reading.

And after sharing the information

With my family and friends 

Even more was validated.

The messages you brought 

Through brought a lot of needed light 

And love to his family. Thank you so

Much for the opportunity! 

You are a truly gifted medium. 

I have had a lot of readings,

But yours brought me validation

In a way I haven’t had in a very

Long time. Thank you! ”

- M.M


Our  reading  gave my son and I the validation that our loved ones are still here with us daily, that we have been seeking for quite some time now.


“I had a great experience with

Samantha. She was kind 

Enough to meet with me for a 

Channeling session. During my visit 

It was clear she has a gift.

She is insightful, empathetic

In addition to her empathic 

Nature. In my time with her, I was given 

Clear insight to several loved 

Ones who have passed on. 

I am grateful for the experience.”

- G.C.