Soul Sessions

Established Client Soul Session with Energetic Integration - 140


* Established Clients * dive even deeper into relaxation and rejuvenation for deep cleansing and energectic balancing. This 90 minute session includes individualized guided meditation, hands on Reiki utilizing Usui’s techniques and high vibrational sound medicine to clear and cleanse energy and balance the Chakras.  Intuitive Guidance and Channeled messages also included in this session to help you release and clear any limiting beliefs and energies no longer serving you and gain insight and clarity wher it is needed most. This session can be done via distance or in person. Specify when booking which you prefer. 

Soul Session - 90


A collaborative session to help you gain insight, guidance and clarity and to assess spiritually, physically and mentally where any energetic channels are slowed or blocked. Together we  explore ways to improve overall well-being and guidance regarding current life situations including but not limited to career, family, love or other life events. This session utilizes a blend of modalities such as Intuitive channeling, card interpretation and mediumship.  

Soul Session -Distance 90


All the connection and benefits of a Soul Session  for anyone, anywhere right from the comfort of your home. This session will take place via Zoom video call and will be an energetic weaving approximately 50 minutes in length. 

Soul Session - Mediumship


This is a 50 minute session  with the intention to specifically connect you to your loved ones in spirit. Utilizing the gifts of mediumship exclusively to bring forth evidence and connection with loved ones who have crossed over. Through this session my ultimate goal is to bring comfort and peace through delivering messages and validation of the existence of the souls continuation after passing of the physical body and to help you realize your connection and your ability to connect to those you love in spirit. Upon booking you will receive a email with information to review prior to our session. 

Soul Session - Mediumship Distance session


This Session will take place Via Zoom conference call and is approximately 50 minutes. Perfect for anyone who is outside the San Diego area or looking to connect from home. 

Soul Session-Private Group Readings


I am available for small group mediumship readings of up to 8 people. These sessions run approximately 90 minutes in length and the intention is to connect with spirit guides as well as loved ones in spirit, to bring through validation and healing messages from the Spirit realm of the highest vibration . Together we create sacred space and an atmosphere of healing and connection. These small intimate session can be extremely healing for all involved. These sessions are preferred in person but can also be done via Zoom call. Contact me for details. 

Established Client Energetic Alignment - 111


For established clients, a 45-60 minute  energy alignment session to balance, and clear your energetic and ethereal bodies. In this session we will focus on energetically clearing any blockages through Intuitive Reiki., sound medicine, aromatherapy and customized guided meditation journey. Think of this as an energetic tune up to help you to feel light , clear and revitalize you mentally physically and spiritually.