Book a New Client Session

*New Client * In person * Soul Session with Energetic Integration


90 minute session for new clients. Together we will collaboratively weave our energy through the use of meditation, Intuitive channeling and mindful mediumship  we will uncover any energetic blocks, to reignite validate your divine connection and support. Together we will integrate the transmissions and and clear and rebalance any energetic  blocks, remove stagnant energy through an Intuitive blend of Reiki , sound medicine and meditation . This session is designed to meet you exactly where you are at, and to help you ignite your divine spark and connection. 

For a limited time this session is $120 - a normally $140 value! 

* New Client * Distance * Soul Session with Energetic Integration


Enjoy all the benefits of a Soul session and Energetic Integration from the comfort of your home. Via Zoom Conference call we will weave and connect for  your soul session. For the Integration you will be sent a Intuitive custom soundtrack via your choice of music streaming service and a guided meditation. Since Reiki Energy is universal life force energy it can be transmitted from anywhere to anyone or anything by a properly attuned practitioner. Together we will we weave as we both tune into the sounds and vibrations of the music and I will clear, rebalance and ignite and integrate the messages from our soul session from a distance. All you will have to do is lay down relax and be receptive. After the session we will meet again via Zoom and debrief any additional messages, thoughts or feelings that arose in this part of the session. Wonderful for anyone who is not local to San Diego it prefers to receive in the  comfort of their home.  For a limited time only $120- a $140 value!!